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The Hostel Guide: The Ultimate Backpackers Guide to Staying and Working in Hostels in Europe

The Hostel Guide Book Mockups with iPhone Transparent copyHave no idea how much a hostel should cost? Are you worried you’ll get bed bugs, or get woken up in the night by loud roommates? Does the thought of sharing a room with strangers terrify you, or do you love travelling so much that you want to find a way to live and work anywhere in Europe?

A few years ago, I had all the same worries. I still remember being terrified of bedbugs while staying in my first hostels in Morocco. And the nerves I felt as I travelled by train to my first solo hostel experience in Portugal!

What if the hostel turned out to be terrible? What if I didn’t make any friends? What if my stuff got stolen by a strange backpacker?!

All the concerns you have now, I’ve had them too.

But over the years, and hundreds of nights spend in hostels, I learnt that the incredible hostel experience far outweighs any concerns I might have had at the beginning of my journey.

So that’s why I’ve written The Hostel Guide. To help you separate the myths of hostel life from the reality, and understand exactly what’s on offer from the huge range of hostels that exist across Europe.

Are you ready to make new friends, take part in fun activities, and save money while you travel? And are you ready to do all this in some of the most stunning cities across Europe? If so, get your copy of The Hostel Guide today!

What’s Inside The Hostel Guide?

What is a Hostel?

☺︎ The Hostel Experience
☺︎ What Makes a Hostel Different From a Hotel?
☺︎The Pros & Cons of Hostels
☺︎Are Hostels Just For Kids?

Planning Your Trip

☺︎ What Should You Look For In A Good Hostel?
☺︎ Should You Book Direct?
☺︎ The Essential Packing List
☺︎ Is A Private Room Worth It?

Hostel Life

☺︎ How To Stay Safe In Hostels
☺︎ Learn How Easy It Is To Make Friends!
☺︎ Do People Really Have Sex in Hostels?
☺︎What To Do About Bed Bugs

Working in Hostels

☺︎ Want To Get Paid To Work In Hostels?
☺︎ Things To Consider Before Applying
☺︎ Pros & Cons Of Working In Hostels
☺︎ How To Craft The Perfect CV

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