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This has really been a long time coming and all I can do is beg your forgiveness. If I’m not being asked on my opinion on the best destinations in Europe, I’m being asked what I take to these destinations.

And you know I really like to help you guys out. So instead of keeping my list of suggestions only for those who email me I’ve finally decided to publish it here!

Of course, if there’s anything missing you can still email me 🙂

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^ Me at The Bauhuas Hostel Bruges doing what I do best

P.s. Guys, there are some affiliate links tucked away in this post but please remember that I’d never earn off any company I don’t personally use and/or support!

My Most Important Possessions In Life…

The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources Sony-a5000


Sony a5000 Compact System Camera

I absolutely adore this camera! Being mirrorless it is so much smaller and lighter than having to carry a DSLR and yet it still does everything I need in terms of landscape and hostel photography and vlogging!

For my full review of the Sony a5000 click here!

The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources Macbook Pro


13-Inch MacBook Pro

Once upon a long time ago my dad used to be an Apple salesman (remember when they were massive grey ugly boxes?) & I’ve never had an idea how to use a PC! I’m on my 2nd Pro now after the first one lasted a banging 5 years & I’ve had my present one for 6!


The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources Anker Charger

Anker Ultra Compact Portable Charger

There’s no need for secrets amongst us guys. I am a Snapchat whore. I am on Snapchat all day every day and it kills my battery so this portable charger is a lifesaver! I usually have to charge it every night along with my phone but you can get bigger ones…


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^ Part of the bookshelf at The Beehive Hostel, Rome!

The Travel Stories That Gave Me Itchy Feet…


The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources Travels with Charley

Travels with Charley: In Search of America – John Steinbeck

The first Steinbeck story I fell in love with was the one below, but the reason Travels With Charley now takes top place is because it’s an incredible story of one man’s journey to get to know his fellow countrymen and women during a tumultious time in his life and national politics!

This book makes me desperate to go to America, buy a van and drive the whole width!


The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck

This book is the only novel I’ve ever known of to alternate chapter styles in such a beautiful way. When one chapter is recording the trials and tribulations of an American family during the Great Depression, the next will describe the surrounding land in the most mesmerizing prose.

John Steinbeck is by far one of the truest travel writers I’ve ever read.



The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources Fiesta

Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises – Ernest Hemingway

Sticking with the theme of great 20th century novelists, Fiesta is the only Hemingway book I have managed to read all the way through and aside from the next book in this list, the only book I have read more times than I can count. My copy has coffee stains, notes, and sellotape pages. Why? Because it’s that damn good.

This book will make you fall in love with Europe.


The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources The Historian

The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova

If you thought you were too old for fairy tales, think again. Kostova has written a masterpiece here. I’m slightly biased as she interweaves one of my favourite legends, that of Dracula, with the true history of the man the legend is based upon whilst using the adventurous narrative of a young 20th century woman to put the cherry on the cake.

It may be about Vampires, but it’s not Twilight and it’s take you all over the world…


The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources The Wanderess

The Wanderess – Roman Payne

The Wanderess is an odd novel full of mystique and cunning plot twists that are essentially in place to keep the reader lumbering gracelessly behind the whirlwind romance of a young girl and the man she continuously proclaims to be her ‘destiny’.

Trust me it’s not as gooey as it sounds and the beautiful descriptions of Paris are well worth it.


The Hostel Girl Travel Gear and Resources You Were Breeding

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir – Kristin Newman

It’s finally time to leave the romantic notions of travel behind with this hilarious memoir with it’s feet firmly in the independent, feminist, and brutally honest era of the 21st Century.

In terms of travel writing, it’s not the most elegant piece but it is bloody hilarious and if you’re a woman on the road you will totally get it.


The Companies That Transport My Itchy Feet…


I very rarely book flights without checking this website and/or app first. The greatest feature is being able to search from one airport to ‘Everywhere‘ with the ability to have Skyscanner show you all the prices within the cheapest month. So much better than having to specify dates.

EasyJet & RyanAir

I know what you’re thinking! It’s hard to hear the names of these two budget airlines and not remember the horror stories of hidden charges and inflexible staff that surround the companies. But honestly, as long as you know the baggage allowances and can put up with cramped leg room for a few hours they’re really not that bad. And they’re really cheap guys!

Norwegian Airline

These guys don’t quite fit in to the budget sector that is dominated by EasyJet and RyanAir but they’re prices aren’t shocking and of all the flights I’ve taken across Europe over the years I have to say that my flights with Norwegian are always the most comfortable…!


Busbud works in a very similar way to Skyscanner but for budget buses and coaches in Europe rather than flights! I always check out the bus options on there before booking through them or directly with the company.

Also, because I’m such a huge fan Busbud has offered all of my readers an awesome discount code! Click here to find out more!


I travel a lot across Europe via Megabus, mostly because it’s usually the cheapest option out there and compared to Eurolines there’s not an awful lot of difference in service aside from the price.

National Express Eurolines

I use National Express a lot to get to London and back as from my hometown it costs less than a third of what the train does! I also always find their drivers super friendly, both in the UK and Europe!

How to book cheap bus tickets in Europe

I really hope you find some of these resources as useful as I have!

If you’re looking for a general packing list for your upcoming hostel travels then I’ve created a free printable PDF packing list that you can download here or by clicking the image below…!

The Essential Hostel Packing List

Lots of love,

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