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Do you want to work and travel your way across the world? Are you looking for hostel jobs that will help you live in different cities and fund your travels?! Before I began this blog, I started my hostel career working various hostel jobs to support my travels. In fact, I still go back to working in hostels now and then because I love it so much!

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For Travellers: If you’re struggling to find hostel jobs, you might want to read my guide – How to Find a Hostel Job!

For Hostels: It’s completely free to post your job listing on The Hostel Girl! Click here to submit a listing today!

Disclaimer: The Hostel Girl is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspects of hostel jobs listed on this site. Both parties are encouraged to perform due diligence in investigating references, qualifications, and credentials. The Hostel Girl does not endorse employers, positions posted, or applicants.

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