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Budapest City Guide Itinerary 101 Things101 Things To Do In Budapest

In my seven months in the city, I saw Budapest as one of the most underrated capital cities in Europe. Hopefully, you are visiting soon, which is why you are buying this guide, or perhaps you are just curious, in which case my aim is to convince you to take a trip to Budapest in your future.

Not only have I included a list of 101 Things To Do In Budapest in this city guide, but I have written a brief description and history on 85 of the sights, restaurants, and activities mentioned. The final sixteen points are tips and tricks about hidden gems to help you view your time there less as a tourist and more as a local. The book ends with a full three day itinerary, and a few final tips from some friends of mine I met there!

I had a love affair with Budapest, and if you’re still just curious, I hope this book will help you see it through my eyes.

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Road Trip Planner Planning Kit GuideThe Ultimate Road Trip Planning Kit

More than just an ebook, I create the road trip planning kit to inspire in others a love for the open road that has enchanted me ever since I was a little girl – listening to bad mix tapes in my dad’s car and pulling up at B&Bs in the middle of no where just for the fun of it. Now I’m older, I can make my own mix tapes, my own routes, and my own memories – and so should you!

This kit includes two copies (epub & pdf) of the 40 pages ebook, a printable packing check list, and an easy-to-use budget calculator spreadsheet… for just £59! The book includes tips on how to make money on the road, how to choose and where to find accommodation, and how to cut down your road trip bucket list using the two-thirds rule.

If you thought Jack Kerouac’s The Road was a big question, then this planning kit is your answer.

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